Sometimes doing your best won’t be enough...keep moving forward!

Welcome to the video series that’s all about climbing the ladder of vibration and manifesting the life of your dreams. I’m Stephanie Mulac and today we are talking about doing your best.

So that should be pretty easy, shouldn’t it? Well, it trips a lot of people up because we set expectations for ourselves and a lot of times, the expectation is perfection or the expectation is to do something just as good as someone else, but you are not someone else.

Your circumstances are not someone else. You should strive, in your life, in anything that you do, to do nothing but your best. Now does that mean if your best is not good enough to get a promotion, or your best is not good enough to accomplish whatever it is that you are trying to manifest, that you should stop trying because that’s the cap of what’s going to happen? No, absolutely not. What this is about, is doing your best at any given time.

So if you do your best today, and you improve upon something tomorrow and do your best tomorrow, you’re raising the bar. And if you continue to do this over and over again, you are going to have an upward swing that your best is just going to keep getting better.

So do this, comment below, and let me know something that you do really well right now, that a month ago, or six months ago, you maybe struggled with a little bit, but through time, of being your best every single day and making those little improvements in your life, you now are accomplishing something you thought maybe would never happen.

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